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Our performance capability and quality is also contributing to satisfy numerous building owners within the construction industry. The principle: Plastic granules are incorporated into the ready-made product via inline moulding lines and converted into a ready-made product in one single work process. Thus, for instance, our high quality nobbed baseboards or green area belts come into play.

Prompt production and timely delivery make us stand out as a reliable partner within this segment as well, a partner who is attuned to a high level of commitment towards individual demands. Do you place a genuine emphasis on accuracy? Well, we do consider this issue to be of utmost importance.

Witech Drain Mat

Witech Drain 10mm 16mm 25mm
Witech Drain 10mm 16mm 25mm

The drainage mats Witech drain sets new standards . This is the time to get shut in standard heights 10, 16 and 25 mm . The desired pressure resistance can be set according to customer requirements

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