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Drainage Paths

Witech drainage mats

Witech Drain 10mm 16mm 25 mm
The Witech Drain drainage mats set new standards. They are currently available in the standard thicknesses 10, 16 und 25 mm. The required compression strength can be provided according to customer needs.


Knob and System Plates

Witech 16+

This model has been developed for larger pipe dimensions (14-20 mm). The patented structure (intermediate structures) also enable it to be laid diagonally. The Witech 16+ also convinces with a good monostability (without insulation). It is also available with alternative insulating materials.

Witech standard

This universal system panel is available in the size 1 m x 1 m and is a convincing all-rounder. These structured panels are especially suitable for installation in smaller rooms without a large amount of cutting loss. An additional benefit is the possibility of laying this panel diagonally. The panels are also available with alternative insulations.

Witech diverse

14 mm-17 mm pipes can be laid without difficulty using this structured panel. The panel dimensions (1400 mm x 800 mm) ensure an optimal loading of pallets and trucks. A diagonal laying is also no problem when using our diagonal holder.

Witech 10+

We have developed these system panels for larger pipe dimensions (10-12 mm). With the Witech 10+, we are relying on our patented structure (intermediate structures) that enable a diagonal laying to be carried out without difficulty. The properties of this model are rounded off by a good monostability (without insulation) and various insulation variants.

Dry laying panels with heat conducting lamellae

We can supply you with panels that are suitable for the laying of underfloor heating pipes (pipe diameter: 14 mm) under dry screed panels or wet screed together with heat conducting lamellae and moisture barrier foil in a snail or meandering form.


This system structured panel has been developed for pipe dimensions of 14-17 mm. The press stud principle enables it to be laid especially fast (1.2 sq. m floor space). A diagonal laying without additional elements is also possible, and the foamed structure enables the panels to be walked on without difficulty.


Aircell Air Chamber Plates

Aircell air chamber panels - summary

The 3D structure of the Aircell air chamber panel enables it to be optimally stored, transported and packed. You can choose the form, colour, size, thickness, whether with or without a fold and the print according to your needs and wishes.

Aircell air chamber panels

Due to our special manufacturing process, all our sleeves and their varieties can be competitively provided with ESD.  

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