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Environmental protection of WISCHEMANN Kunststoff GmbH

We are doing something for the environment!

Our only electricity source has been green electricity since 2016 and this has resulted in us reducing our share of the overall emissions produced by a WISCHEMANN product from approx. 16% to 1-2% on average, and we have succeeded in preventing around 6,950 tonnes of CO2 in 2020 alone.

But that is not all: 75% of the materials that are used by WISCHEMANN Kunststoff GmbH are from regenerated materials, and it exclusively processes thermoplastic that it 100% recyclable. We obviously also make use of almost 100% of our milling and punching waste.

We also continually search for other possibilities of protecting the environment. We at WISCHEMANN Kunststoff GmbH established an internal energy efficiency team as early as 2011 that permanently and intensively concerns itself with the optimisation of our consumption. This has already resulted in us achieving considerable savings in the use of energy, and the progress is audited and verified in annual audits that are conducted by external auditors.

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